Bob Hope Christmas Tours with Anne Margaret & 1958 Berlin Air Lift & General Jimmie Doolittle & Conn

DOG ASIDE: It is Christmas Season….which is my favorite time of the year….and probably not another HUMAN on this Earth brought more Christmas cheer than did Bob Hope….with his Christmas Tours. The memories of just one day of Hope….got many of the soldier audience through the war….at least, his tours at Christmas were very special…

NFL Highlights Best Ever Teams – Cowboys, Packers, Raiders, Dolphins & Steelers

DOG ASIDE: When a Sportsphile thinks about the teams which had the most impact on drawing fans to the NFL….it would be the Cowboys, Packers, Raiders and Steelers….and Bone Daddy’s collection and video library has ample evidence that indeed they were the teams….and the NFL as we know it in 2015 is absolute evidence of…

Asleep at the Wheel Live At Austin City Limits Sing Jango Reinhardt Swing Tunes

DOG ASIDE: Austin’s own Asleep At The Wheel have been performing live in Austin since back in the late 1960’s al places like Soap Creek Saloon and the Roam Inn. The are considered to be an Austin original….an like all Texas bands….where you just gotta have a fiddle in the band. Asleep at the Wheel…

Michael Murphy Sings This Is Hard Country Out Here In Midland, TX


Popular Country and Western Singer Michael Murphy sings “This Is Hard Country Out Here” in Midland, TX….and Michael knows because he lived in West Texas a significant part of his life….especially growing up. This song tells what it is like to live out in God’s Country….much like the photography of Wyman Meizner.

Jim McKay And Jackie Stewart Bring The Time Trials At 1978 Indy 500

DOG ASIDE: One of my favorite sportscaster of all time was Jim McKay…..who hosted the popular sports program ABC’s Wide World of Sports….for he was surely a true Sportsphile long before I coined the phrase after living with one for the whole of my 115 years on this Earth. In this clip….McKay works with auto…

Highlights Of Muhammad Ali Winning Heavyweight Title 3 Times – Boxing’s Best

DOG ASIDE: Since Muhammad Ali is Bone Daddy’s all time favorite athlete….he has quite a lot of video footage of The Greatest…..from complete fight programs to pieces about his life and his career…..and none is more valuable than HBO’s Boxing’s Best special done on him late in his boxing career….as you will see in this…

Comedian Bob Hope with Danny Kaye, Debbie Reynolds, Marilyn Monroe & Rachel Welch


During Bob Hope’s 57 years of entertaining the US Military Troops around the world….many entertainers graced his stage…..bringing warmth and joy during the Christmas Season to American soldiers stationed abroad. This clip showcases four of the most popular of those special performers in Danny Kaye, Debbie Reynolds, Marilyn Monroe and Rachel Welch.

World Series Highlights Of 1970 Baltimore Orioles & 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates



The 1970 World Champion Baltimore Orioles and the 1971 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates provided baseball talent, savvy and chemistry of the highest order.  Both teams were loaded with talent with multiple Hall of Famers with Orioles Brooks and Frank Robinson and Pirates Willie Stargell, Bill Mazeroski & Jim Bunning.