ESPN Salutes Dr J On His Retirement & Earl Lloyd As 1st Black In NBA

DOG ASIDE: In this salute to Julius Erving on the night of announcing his retirement from the NBA…..a young ESPN Chris Bermen introduces a wonderful tribute to Dr. J…..with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and 76’ers Coach and teammate Billy Cunningham paying their respects. In the 2nd part of this video….Sportscaster Pat O’Brien provides a good…

Comedian George Carlin Compares Baseball And Football

DOG ASIDE: One of the greatest word merchants of all time throughout human history had to be Comedian George Carlin. In this piece, Carlin gives the world his comparison of the game of baseball with the game of football….and it is priceless….and probably Bone Daddy’s favorite explanation of two sports in the universe of sport.…

Comedian Martin Mull Sings I’m Gonna Hate Myself In The Morning If I Have To Love Myself Tonight

DOG ASIDE: Comedian singer songwriter Martin Mull live in concert sings another of his uniquely written comedic songs….I’m Gonna Hate Myself in the Morning If I Have To Love Myself Tonight…. which is as usual with Mull…..a really good laugh….as the crowd provides the tap dancing for this song. It will make you feel good…

1986 Boxing 10 Round Heavyweight Bout With Gentleman Gerry Cooney VS Eddie Gregg


During the 1980’s there were some really talented pretenders to the Heavyweight Title….and Gentleman Gerry Cooney was one of those. He had a devastating right hand….and could take a punch pretty darn well. He fought the best at the time….Ken Norton, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson….but he never could quite make a champion’s level.

Marv Albert Covers Career Highlights Of Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes Fights


Marv Albert and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco are summing up the Heavyweight Title Fight between Champ Larry Holmes vs Scott Frank….which Holmes wins with a TKO in the 5th round….followed by memories of past Heavyweight Champions set to the song “Everybody Has A Dream”.