Bob Costas Features The Career Of Secretariat – Horse Racing’s Biggest Hero


In this piece….Bob Costas highlights the career of horse racing’s biggest hero…”Big Red”….Secretariat….who had it all….as heroic as Mickey Mantle….as dominant as Jim Brown… graceful as Lynn Swann….and as pretty as Muhammad Ali.¬†

US Speed Skater Eric Heiden At 1979 World Championships Via Satellite From Germany imasportsphile

DOG ASIDE: Never in the history of the sport of American Speed Skating has there been a better skater than Eric Heiden….whether it be in the 500 meter, 1000 meter, 1500 meter, 5000 meter or 10,000 meter races…..he was simply the best. In 1980 at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics…..Heiden proved the proceeding statement… he…

Vikings QB Joe Kapp’s Career Was Played With No Holds Barred – imaportsphile

DOG ASIDE: An iconic figure in the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings storied history was QB Joe Kapp…..a hard-nosed battle tested veteran who played the game with a no holds barred attitude from his 1st 7 years in the Canadian Football League with the Calgary Stampeders and B C Lions through his years with 4 years with…

1951 World Series Highlites Of NY Yankees CF Mickey Mantle Blows-Out Knee On Willie Mays Pop-Up

DOG ASIDE: Just a little food for thought question…How good would Micky Mantle have been if he had not blown-out his knee in the World Series against the New York Giants…and that was in his rookie season as a 19 year old kid. This injury was the catalyst for every other injury that The Mick…

Highlights of First 13 Super Bowl MVP’s – From Packers Bart Starr to Steelers Terry Bradshaw

DOG ASIDE: This video provides a walk down memory lane….with highlights the feats of the first 13 MVP’s of the first 13 Super Bowls….from Packers QB Bart Starr….to Jets QB Joe Namath… Chiefs QB Lenny Dawson….to Cowboys LB Chuck Howley… Cowboys QB Roger Staubach….to Dolphins SS Jake Scott….to Dolphins FB Larry Czonka… Steelers RB Franco…

Bone Daddy’s New York Yankees Baseball Card Collection – 1953

DOG ASIDE: By the time Bone Daddy turned 9 years old…..his 1st year of playing Little League in Midland, Texas……the New York Yankees were winning their 5th World Series in a row under Mgr Casey Stengel…..beating their arch rival Brooklyn Dodgers in 6 games. By this point in Bone Daddy’s life….he was actively collecting every…

Bone Daddy’s New York Yankees Baseball Card Collection – 1951

DOG ASIDE: The New York Yankees won their 3rd World Series in a row under Mgr Casey Stengel against their cross-town rival New York Giants managed by Leo Durocher. There were a total of 11 players, managers and umpire who participated in the 1951 World Series that became future members of the Hall of Fame…

Meet Babe Ruth – 1979 Ad For Video Cassette With Highlights of The Babe’s Career


In 1979 an infomercial was put on cable television….whereby a video cassette could be bought featuring Babe Ruth…..which could be bought for $14.95….containing highlights of Babe’s career. ¬†Folks, this was some 45 years after his retirement… I guess that goes to show you just how popular Babe Ruth was 38 years ago.

New York Yankee Highlights Of 1930’s With Babe Ruth, Lou Gerhig, Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio


In the decade of the 1930’s, the New York Yankees won 5 World Series Championships…..specifically due to player like C Bill Dickey, OF Babe Ruth, 1B Lou Gehrig and CF Joe DiMaggio….as these were special players during a special decade… Major League Baseball will forever be indebted to these players during these times.