Bone Daddy’s New York Yankees Baseball Card Collection – 1952

DOG ASIDE: Is it any wonder that Bone Daddy grew up being a New York Yankees fan….I mean, after all….the Yanks did win 5 World Series in a row from 1949 to 1953….at a time when BD was age 5 – 9 years old….a time when he was getting into playing Little League baseball and…

Bone Daddy’s New York Yankees Baseball Card Collection – 1951

DOG ASIDE: The New York Yankees won their 3rd World Series in a row under Mgr Casey Stengel against their cross-town rival New York Giants managed by Leo Durocher. There were a total of 11 players, managers and umpire who participated in the 1951 World Series that became future members of the Hall of Fame…

Bone Daddy’s New York Yankee Baseball Card Collection – 1950

DOG ASIDE: In Mgr. Casey Stengel’s 2nd year at the helm…..his 1950 New York Yankees won the World Series for his 2nd Championship in a row…..beating the Philadelphia Phillies in 5 games. The 1950 Yankees were led by future Hall of Fame SS Phil Rizzuto, C Yogi Berra, P Whitey Ford, 1b Johnny Mize &…

Bone Daddy’s New York Yankee Baseball Card Collection – 1949

DOG ASIDE: As you will see….Bone Daddy loved the New York Yankees….his extensive baseball card collection spans some 40+ years …..from when he got his first baseball card as a boy of 5 years in 1952 until the late 1980’s. This first group of cards are of players on the 1949 New York Yankees…..with Earl…

Meet Babe Ruth – 1979 Ad For Video Cassette With Highlights of The Babe’s Career


In 1979 an infomercial was put on cable television….whereby a video cassette could be bought featuring Babe Ruth…..which could be bought for $14.95….containing highlights of Babe’s career.  Folks, this was some 45 years after his retirement… I guess that goes to show you just how popular Babe Ruth was 38 years ago.

New York Yankee Highlights Of 1930’s With Babe Ruth, Lou Gerhig, Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio


In the decade of the 1930’s, the New York Yankees won 5 World Series Championships…..specifically due to player like C Bill Dickey, OF Babe Ruth, 1B Lou Gehrig and CF Joe DiMaggio….as these were special players during a special decade… Major League Baseball will forever be indebted to these players during these times.

Highlights 1964 World Series Game 2 With New York Yankees VS St Louis Cardinals


Scoring 4 runs in the top of the 9th….the Yankees P Mel Stottlemyre take a commanding lead over the St Louis Cardinasl and P Bob Gibson in Game 2 of the 1964 World Series. Seldom used infielder Yankees SS Phil Linz hits a home run to lead the his team to victory.

DOG COMMENTARY – God’s Country & Baseball Provides Fertile Ground For Success To Grow

God’s Country & Baseball Provides Fertile Ground For Success To Grow          Today’s commentary will be a source of insight into how this whole virtual sports museum and video library got started…cuz back in 1950 it was Bone Daddy the boy and his God given talents who was significantly influenced by the place and time…

World Series Highlights Of 1970 Baltimore Orioles & 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates



The 1970 World Champion Baltimore Orioles and the 1971 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates provided baseball talent, savvy and chemistry of the highest order.  Both teams were loaded with talent with multiple Hall of Famers with Orioles Brooks and Frank Robinson and Pirates Willie Stargell, Bill Mazeroski & Jim Bunning.