Bone Daddy’s 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Games Official Olympic Sport T-shirt Collection


Every Official Olympic Sport T-shirt shown in this collection was purchased by Bone Daddy at a live event at each Olympic Sport Venue as depicted on each t-shirt  at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games. 



Bob Costas Features Super Stars Jack Nicklaus, Jim Brown, Babe Ruth & Richard Petty et al


Sports Commentator Bob Costas features sports superstars Jack Nicklaus, Jim Brown, Babe Ruth, Wilt Chamberlain, Billie Jean King and Richard Petty is this video presented by NBC Sports as a Celebration of Sports.


DOG ASIDE: When considering thousands upon thousands of pieces of sports memorabilia in Bone Daddy’s collection…it is difficult for this lil ole Chiweenie to narrow it down to the top 12 pieces….especially when having to take into  consideration the stories that go along with each piece….but here goes:              …

1978 NBA All Star Game – Gatorade Slam Dunk Contest – Spud Webb Winner

DOG ASIDE: The 1978 NBA Gatorade Slam Dunk Contest from Atlanta featuring Pacers Terrance Stanbury, Cavs Roy Hinson, Knicks Gerald Wilkins, Kings Terry Tyler, Blazers Jerome Kersey, Bucks Paul Pressey and the diminutive eventual winner Hawks Spud Webb…an all time favorite in the slam dunk contests because of his altitude and creativity while standing only…

1969 a Magic Year in Sports

DOG ASIDE: America 1969 provided a year full of magic in sports….for during the year of the launch of Apollo 11 and man’s 1st walk on the moon…sports provided a meteor shower of magic moments with Stanley Cup Champ Montreal Canadians  vs St Louis Blues; Heisman Winner Steve Owens of Oklahoma University; Joe Namath in…

1941 A Magic Year In Sports

DOG ASIDE: 1941 featured many magical moments in sports with highlights of Heavyweight Fight Louis vs Conn, Cotton Bowl with Fordham vs Texas A&M, US Open Tennis Finals w/ Women’s Sarah Cook vs Pauline Betts and Men’s Bobby Riggs vs Frank Kovacks, WhirlAway in horse racing, NHL Bruins vs Red Wings, NIT Winner Ohio University vs…


 SHOWDOG here at Imasportsphile…..I am the one who inherited Bone Daddy’s entire sports and video collection. I was given the task of fulfilling his last request….he’s not dead or anything….it was just his last request of me….as he wants me to share his life’s passion with anyone interested in viewing all or part. Therefore, I…