MLB – 1985 Pizza Hut All Star Softball Game – Host Bob Costas

DOG ASIDE: During the 1980’s….Pizza Hut sponsored a two different events….“The Pizza Hut Old Timers Classic” and the “Pizza Hut All Star Softball Game”….and both were more than interesting to watch….as the baseball game with the old timers was always a wonderful walk down memory lane….which features feats like the HR by 72 yr. old Luke Appling……

Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Opening Ceremony Highlights – NBC with Bob Costas

DOG ASIDE: This was the first Olympics without a boycott in 12 years….and this video covers the highlights of the pageantry the Opening Ceremony…..for in the world of sports….there is nothing more spectacular or rewarding than seeing the Opening Ceremony….as the host country always puts on a show to remember….and Seoul 1988 in definitely no…

Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Highlights of Boxing Controversy & Interview With US Ambassador James Lilley

DOG ASIDE: Boxing at the 1988 Seoul was shrouded with controversy after controversy….starting with USA Andrew Hembrick being given the wrong time for his bout with a home grown Korean fighter….as he loses by a no-show…..USA Roy Jones being chosen the outstanding boxer at the Olympics by the International Amateur Boxing Federation….even after losing to…

Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Boxing & Wrestling – Highlights With Marv Albert & Bob Costas


In this video, Bob Costas narrates highlights of Seoul Olympic Boxing…..with great footage  USA medal winners Michael Carbajal, Riddick Bowe, Kennedy McKinney, Ray Mercer & Andrew Maynard….then he provides highlights in Olympic Wrestling with USA medalists Dennis Kozlowski, John Smith, Kenny Monday, Bruce Baumgartner, Bill Shearer and Nate Carr.

Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Kayak & Judo & Table Tennis & Track

DOG ASIDE; Bob Costas, anchorman for NBC at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics…..provides highlights of the kayak competition with USA Greg Barton & Norman Bellingham performing “The Miracle on the Pond”… they win gold in the K-2 1000m…..while Barton doubled in gold with his singles win in the 1000m kayak race……then we get to see…

Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Mens & Womens Swimming – USA Matt Biondi & USA Janet Evans

DOG ASIDE: NBC’s Bob Costas provides highlights of men’s and women’s swimming at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games….as Americans Matt Biondi (5 gold medals) and Janet Evans (3 gold medals)…..took on the powerhouses of the Eastern Block with the USSR and East Germany teams….emerging as the USA’s brightest stars of swimming.  Also, Anthony Nesty…

Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Tennis & Track and Field & Boxing – NBC Highlites With Bob Costas

DOG ASIDE: It took 64 years for tennis to return to the Olympics….but finally at the 1988 Seoul Summer Games it came back….with some familiar faces on the world tennis stage….including Chrissy Evert, Brad Gilbert, Henri Laconte, Carlene Bassett, Tim Mayotte, Pam Shriver and Zena Garrison and Steffi Graf…..for it was time for the great…

Bob Costas Features Super Stars Jack Nicklaus, Jim Brown, Babe Ruth & Richard Petty et al


Sports Commentator Bob Costas features sports superstars Jack Nicklaus, Jim Brown, Babe Ruth, Wilt Chamberlain, Billie Jean King and Richard Petty is this video presented by NBC Sports as a Celebration of Sports.

Minnesota Twins 1B Kent Hrbeck lists his Pro Wrestling All Star Baseball Team


In an attempt to always bring you my readers something you have never seen or heard of before… I am sharing MLB Minnesota Twins 1B Kent Hrbeck’s own Pro Wrestling All Star Baseball Team…..featuring the likes of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ivan Puttski, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and more.