Highlights Of Sugar Ray Leonard From Retirement To His Comeback

DOG ASIDE: Bone Daddy probably has more live Sugar Ray Leonard boxing matches in his extensive boxing library than any other boxer….including Muhammad Ali…..and what he liked most about Leonard was that he fought every great fighter in every division that he could possibly fight….including Wilfred Benitez, Thomas Hearns, Roberto Duran, Milt McCrory and Marvelous…

John Madden’s Journey On How Middleweight Boxing Champion Marvin Hagler Became Marvelous

DOG ASIDE: This video gives you two of Bone Daddy’s favorite sports figures from his world of collectibles and video….John Madden and Marvelous Marvin Hagler.  In this episode providing a special look at famous sports personalities by the former NFL icon coach and video game namesake in John Madden’s Journey….as he explains once and for…

Heavyweight Champion Smoking Joe Frazier Sings My Way At His 37th Birthday Celebration

DOG ASIDE: One of Bone Daddy’s favorite boxers of all time was Heavyweight Champion Smoking Joe Frazier…..but the trouble was that he was fighting during the Muhammad Ali era….having fought Ali in 3 historic boxing battles for the ages. Although Muhammad Ali holds the highest rung on the ladder of popularity with Bone Daddy….Smoking Joe…

Boxing’s Great Grudge Fights Middleweights Sugar Ray Robinson VS Carmen Basilio

DOG ASIDE: At the contract signing for the Middleweight Title Fight between Carmen Basilio and Sugar Ray Robinson….Sugar Ray demanded that his opponent Carmen Basilio surrender 5% of his purse…..then going on strike and delaying the contract signing for 9 days insisting on a $250,000 TV guarantee….whereby Basilio called Robinson an arrogant and greedy man.…

Boxing’s Great Grudge Fights Heavyweights Floyd Patterson vs Ingemar Johansson


On June 26, 1959, Heavyweight Boxing Champ Floyd Patterson was a heavy 7 – 2 favorite to beat Swedish Heavyweight Ingemar Johansson in their title fight before 22,000 fans at Yankee Stadium, NYC….but the hard punching Swede pulled one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history with TKO of the Champ. 

Boxing’s Great Grudge Fights With Heavyweights Jack Dempsey vs Gene Tunney


Boxing has provided a long history of great grudge fights…..but none were more brutal than the battles in the 1920’s provided by Heavyweights Jack Dempsey vs Gene Tunney. These wars were not without their controversy….as seen in this video.