Bone Daddy’s 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Original Pictures Collection Pieces

DOG ASDIE: The following original pictures were taken by Bone Daddy while attending the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics….on a trip that proved to not only be memorable…but also historic…resulting in an abundance of 1984 Olympics collection pieces.  The following, for the most part, are pictures taken at the Closing Ceremonies….a group of pictures at…

NBC’s SportsWorld On Ryan’s First 4 No Hitters & Humorous Interview Boxer Tex Cobb


NBC’s Sports World was a weekend program that covered the whole spectrum of sports….much like ABC’s Wide World of Sports…and CBS’s Sports Saturday and Sports Sunday programs. In this clip….NBC covers MLB Nolan Ryan’s first 4 No Hitters….and then gives you a wonderfully humorous interview with Heavyweight Boxer Tex Cobb.

1986 Boxing 10 Round Heavyweight Bout With Gentleman Gerry Cooney VS Eddie Gregg


During the 1980’s there were some really talented pretenders to the Heavyweight Title….and Gentleman Gerry Cooney was one of those. He had a devastating right hand….and could take a punch pretty darn well. He fought the best at the time….Ken Norton, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson….but he never could quite make a champion’s level.

1979 Heavyweight Champion Elimination Bout With Gerrie Coetzee VS Leon Spinks

DOG ASIDE: HUMANS have the incredible ability to complicate so many things…..which is usually driven by money….and the world of professional boxing had become very convoluted and complicated with three major governing bodies….WBC, WBA and IBC…, in 1979 the powers that be of boxing came up with a solution to all the confusion….have a heavyweight…

Marv Albert Covers Career Highlights Of Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes Fights


Marv Albert and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco are summing up the Heavyweight Title Fight between Champ Larry Holmes vs Scott Frank….which Holmes wins with a TKO in the 5th round….followed by memories of past Heavyweight Champions set to the song “Everybody Has A Dream”.


Bone Daddy’s 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Games Official Olympic Sport T-shirt Collection


Every Official Olympic Sport T-shirt shown in this collection was purchased by Bone Daddy at a live event at each Olympic Sport Venue as depicted on each t-shirt  at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games. 



April 27, 1967 Muhammad Ali Rejects Military Induction And Has His Heavyweight Title Taken Away

DOG ASIDE: Muhammad Ali refused induction into the US Military on April 27, 1967….eventually going to court and being sentenced to 3 years in jail. During the time of his incarceration and exile from boxing….The Greatest never said a harsh word or anything negative about those US officials who put him there. It was at…

Muhammad Ali On George Foreman Before Their Fight In Zaire On October 30, 1974

DOG ASIDE: The Heavyweight Championship Title Fight on October 30, 1974 between Champ George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali…..was billed as “The Rumble in the Jungle”…but became “The Hope of the Rope A Dope”… Ali laid back against the ropes for the first 6 rounds letting Foreman hit him with big bombs that did nothing but…