Boxing – Great Grudge Fights – Ali-Frazier & Robinson-Fullmer & Louis-Schmeling & Dempsey-Tunney

DOG COMMENTARY:    This HBO Boxing Special with Hosts Barry Tompkins and Larry Merchant….in which they review all of The Greatest Grudge Fights throughout the history of boxing is without a doubt one of the true treasures within our ImaSportsphile boxing library…..cuz within the four corners of the ring….where the “sweet science of boxing” of boxing is exhibited….there lies…

Boxing’s Great Grudge Fights Heavyweights Floyd Patterson vs Ingemar Johansson


On June 26, 1959, Heavyweight Boxing Champ Floyd Patterson was a heavy 7 – 2 favorite to beat Swedish Heavyweight Ingemar Johansson in their title fight before 22,000 fans at Yankee Stadium, NYC….but the hard punching Swede pulled one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history with TKO of the Champ.