Olympics – 1980 – Special – USA Road To Moscow – Jane Frederick + Kayak Team + Al Oerter

DOG COMMENTARY: This 1980 Olympic Special was aired in advance of US President Jimmy Carter’s unpopular decision to let politics enter the Olympics Games by boycotting the Moscow Olympics….while denying all USA Olympic Team athletes from competing in something they had been training for during the four years prior to the 1980 Olympics.  Prior MLB…

Olympics – 1980 – Special – Road To Moscow – Jane Fredericks & USA Kayak Team & Al Oerter

DOG COMMENTARY:   The video deals with a subject that still sits in Bone Daddy’s craw…..that being all the members , coaches, trainers and support staff of  the 1980 USA OlympicTeam…..who had their “dreams and aspirations….sweat and tears” wiped away with one statement from the mouth of a spineless politician…. when US Presiden Jimmy Carter announced…

Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Kayak – Womens 500 m Singles Semi-Finals – USA Shelia Conover


Although this video sounds like it was recorded under water (sorry for the disfunction)…this semifinals heat featuring USA Shelia Conover, GBR Leslie Smithers and CAN Lucy Gay….it ends in a photo finish between the three kayaks….a heat that brought the crowd to it’s feet for the last 50 m….in a truly great race.