NFL – Preview – Super Bowl XIII – Cowboys VS Steelers – Highlights SB V & VI


This video clip provides a look at past Super Bowls V and VI…..followed by a look at Super Bowl record holders and their records….which is then followed by footage of projected key players for both teams on both sides of the ball.


The Dallas Cowboys Pro Football’s Glamour Team Of The 1960s


They are the Dallas Cowboys….a free wheeling All American star-kissed team…..motivated and disciplined by the genius of a Coach named Landry….as they are Pro Football’s glamour team of the decade of the 1960’s….dynamic, progressive and spectacular. ¬†Consistency is a Cowboy trademark….under scored by 16 straight winning seasons….11 division titles….and 2 world championships.


Highlights of First 13 Super Bowl MVP’s – From Packers Bart Starr to Steelers Terry Bradshaw

DOG ASIDE: This video provides a walk down memory lane….with highlights the feats of the first 13 MVP’s of the first 13 Super Bowls….from Packers QB Bart Starr….to Jets QB Joe Namath… Chiefs QB Lenny Dawson….to Cowboys LB Chuck Howley… Cowboys QB Roger Staubach….to Dolphins SS Jake Scott….to Dolphins FB Larry Czonka… Steelers RB Franco…