Olympics – 1948 London – Track – Mens 800m – USA Mal Whitfield & GB Arthur Wendt

DOG ASIDE: The Olympic Games are revived in London’s Wembley Stadium after the Games had been on the shelf for twelve years….while taking time off for World War I and II.  Since the beginning of the modern olympics…. the men’s track and field 800m run has been a popular event because there have been some…


Olympics – 1964 Tokyo – Men’s Platform Diving – ITA Klaus Dibiasi & USA Bob Webster

DOG ASIDE: Italy’s Klaus Dibiasi may very well be the greatest Olympic platform diver of all time….having won the silver medal at age 17 at the Tokyo Games….which he followed up gold medal performances in the 1968 Mexico City Games….1972 Munich Games….and the 1976 Montreal Games…..a feat that has never been mirrored in the history…


Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Kayak & Judo & Table Tennis & Track

DOG ASIDE; Bob Costas, anchorman for NBC at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics…..provides highlights of the kayak competition with USA Greg Barton & Norman Bellingham performing “The Miracle on the Pond”…..as they win gold in the K-2 1000m…..while Barton doubled in gold with his singles win in the 1000m kayak race……then we get to see…


Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Mens & Womens Swimming – USA Matt Biondi & USA Janet Evans

DOG ASIDE: NBC’s Bob Costas provides highlights of men’s and women’s swimming at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games….as Americans Matt Biondi (5 gold medals) and Janet Evans (3 gold medals)…..took on the powerhouses of the Eastern Block with the USSR and East Germany teams….emerging as the USA’s brightest stars of swimming.  Also, Anthony Nesty…


Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Tennis & Track and Field & Boxing – NBC Highlites With Bob Costas

DOG ASIDE: It took 64 years for tennis to return to the Olympics….but finally at the 1988 Seoul Summer Games it came back….with some familiar faces on the world tennis stage….including Chrissy Evert, Brad Gilbert, Henri Laconte, Carlene Bassett, Tim Mayotte, Pam Shriver and Zena Garrison and Steffi Graf…..for it was time for the great…


Olympics – 1988 Calgary – Men’s Figure Skating – USA Brian Boitano

DOG ASIDE: Brian Anthony Boitano (born October 22, 1963) is an American figure skater from Sunnyvale, California.  He is the 1988 Olympic champion….the 1986 and 1988 World Champion….and the 1985–1988 U.S. National Champion.  He turned professional following the 1988 season. He returned to competition in 1993 and competed at the 1994 Winter Olympics….where he placed sixth. Going…


Olympics – 1988 Calgary – Hockey – USA VS WGer – Introduction & Partial 1st Period

DOG ASIDE: I have always had the opinion that athletes have to be just a little bit crazy to play the game of hockey….I mean, first you put a bunch of aggressive ice skaters….who can achieve rapid speed on a pair of razor sharp blades called ice skates…..then you put them in pads so they…


Olympics – 1932 Los Angeles – Track – Mens 5000m – FIN Lauri Lehtinen & USA Ralph Hill

DOG ASIDE: The 1932 Los Angeles Olympics provided sports fans with some really memorable moments and athletes….and one of my favorite moments was in track and field in the men’s 5000m….a race that had been owned in Olympic history by the Flying Finns….as Lehtinen is the world record holder in this event going into the…


Olympics – 1988 Calgary – Men’s Hockey – USA VS WGermany – 1st Period


With the Americans winning gold at the Lake Placid Winter Games in 1980….the expectations of each the Olympic team to follow were higher…and the same goes for the 1988 squad…..who in this video clip is playing a must win game against the West Germans….just to have a chance to get into medal contention.