Great Grudge Fights – Sugar Ray Robinson VS Gene Fulmer & Robinson vs Carmen Basilio & Ingemar Johannson vs Floyd Patterson

DOG ASIDE: This video gives you wonderful footage of one of the all time greatest fighters….Middleweight Sugar Ray Robinson….as he goes against two very equal middleweight champions in their own right….Gene Fulmer and Carmen Basilio….for both these men helped define what a grudge match is…..but every time Sugar Ray fought either of these two…..they were…


MLB – 1981 Hilites – ALCS Yanks VS Angels & NLCS Astros vs Dodgers

DOG ASIDE: When it comes to the Houston Astros…..Bone Daddy has been a die-hard fan since the days of the Colt 45’s…..Houston professional team at the time….in fact, BD has a baseball card of a Houston Colt 45’s player….cuz I remember the card….it was a really cool one.  Anyway, Bone Daddy has attended many of…


MLB Special – Great Moments In Sports – O J Simpson Hosts A Promise From Babe Ruth To A Sick Kid

DOG ASIDE: O J Simpson did lots of things….from being an all time great college and NFL running back….to being spokesperson for Hertz Rent-a-Car… co-anchor of Monday Night Football with Frank Gifford and Howard Cosell….to hosting Saturday Night Live….to being tried and acquitted of murder….to being convicted of a felony for armed robbery…..but at least…


Robin Williams – Paper Boy & Slim Whitman & Earthquakes & Rainbow An Ethnic Detector

DOG ASIDE: The genius of Robin Williams really comes to life in this video clip as he plays the paper boy for the New York Daily News….does a goofy piece on being Slim Whitman… the house (no pun intended….yeah, you bet)……and just the thought of the rainbow being an ethnic detector just brings on a…


Robin Williams – 40 Fuckin Niners & Grabbing The Crotch With Mr Happy & Puberty

DOG ASIDE: The incomparable Robin Williams….as a lifetime San Francisco 49’ers fan….after growing up in the “City by the Bay”….does his rendition of the 40 Fuckin Niners that is absolutely hilarious… they tear the titties off the other team. This man just made me laugh….he was true genius….and Bone Daddy claims he is at the…


Comedy – Spanky and Our Gang – The Variety Show & The Food Fight

DOG ASIDE: Spanky and Our Gang (also known as The Little Rascals or Hal Roach’s Rascals) is a series of American comedy short films about a group of poor neighborhood children and their adventures. Created by comedy producer Hal Roach….the series was produced between 1922 and 1944 and is noted for showing children behaving in…


Steve Martin – Confederate Soldier & Johnny Cash & Street Drunk & Balloon Tricks


In this video….Steve Martin does some of his situation comedy and stand-up routines….with the Confederate soldier….his conversation with Johnny Cash…..his portrayal of a homeless street drunk…..and his ever popular balloon tricks….as Martin gives us the wide range of his outrageous comedy.

Robin Williams – Heat Seeking Missle & Puberty & Cocaine & I’ll Take Quaallude

DOG ASIDE: Robin Williams does some of his best stand-up comedy work in this particular video clip… his routine on the incredible heat seeking moisture missile is down right hilarious….with skits on puberty, cocaine and I’ll take a quaallude….are right up there at the top of his comedic brain. The world will miss Robin Williams…