1984 L A Olympics Day 11 Womens Field Hockey USA vs Australia 1st Half

DOG ASIDE: Throughout Bone Daddy’s “Mission from God” experience at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics…..there were a handful of sports that he had never seen or knew very much about….however, he did see this match between USA vs Australia live and in color….which makes this video clip just a little more special….which meant that they…


NFL 1985 Detroit Lions Starring In Changes And Challenges

DOG ASIDE: The 1985 Detroit Lions season was their 56th in the National Football League….and in 1st year Coach Darryl Rogers….the team improved upon their previous season’s output of 4–11–1, winning seven games. The Lions beat four playoff teams at home….Dallas, San Francisco, Miami….and the N.Y. Jets….but lost to Tampa Bay and Indianapolis on the road. Despite…


1960 Rome Olympics Mens Decathlon Coach Ducky Drake & USA Rafer Johnson & China C K Yang

DOG ASIDE: The 1960 Rome Olympics was one of the most memorable in terms of drama, future legends and athletic achievement in all of modern Olympic history. Names like Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), Wilma Rudolph, Al Oerter and the Russian sisters Irina and Tamara Press were but a few of the jewels set in the…


1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics Highlights Of Eric Heiden Brought By Keith Jackson & Jim McKay

DOG ASIDE: Eric Arthur Heiden (born June 14, 1958, in Madison, Wisconsin) is an American former long track speed skater and road cyclist who won all of the men’s speed skating races….and thus an unprecedented five individual gold medals…..and set four Olympic records and one world record at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Games.  He was the most…


NBC’s SportsWorld On Ryan’s First 4 No Hitters & Humorous Interview Boxer Tex Cobb


NBC’s Sports World was a weekend program that covered the whole spectrum of sports….much like ABC’s Wide World of Sports…and CBS’s Sports Saturday and Sports Sunday programs. In this clip….NBC covers MLB Nolan Ryan’s first 4 No Hitters….and then gives you a wonderfully humorous interview with Heavyweight Boxer Tex Cobb.

1985 News Dan Rather Reports On Release Of Hijacked Hostages From Syria

DOG ASIDE: Trans World Airlines Flight 847 was a flight from Cairo to San Diego with en route stops in Athens, Rome, Boston and Los Angeles.  On the morning of Friday, June 14, 1985 Flight 847 was hijacked by members of Islamic Jihad shortly after take off from Athens. The hijackers were seeking the release of 700 Shi’ite Muslims…