Movie – Walt Disney Animation – The Prince and The Pauper – Starring Mickey Mouse


The Prince and the Pauper is an animated short film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and directed by George Scribner….which features a voice cast including Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse and the Prince….Arthur Burghardt as Captain Pete, Tony Anseimo as Donald Duck….Bill Farmer as Goofy, Pluto, Horace Horsecollar and Weasel # 1…..Elvia Allman as Clarabelle Cow, Charlie Adler as Weasel # 2 , Pig Driver, Peasant and Man in Street…..Frank Welker as the King and Archbishop….Trevor Eyster as Kid # 1….Rocky Krakoff as Kid # 2…..with Roy dotrice as the Narrator.  This film was inspired by the Mark Twain story of the same name….as it was Disney’s final use of the traditional ink-and-paint and camera process….which Disney had used exclusively in their animated films….before the CAPS digital-ink-and-paint process rendered the traditional techniques and equipment obsolete.

Any way you cut the pie….the old school Disney animated films are simply rare treasures for anybody who loves a Walt Disney produced film….and this one is no exception….so, gather the family around the TV and enjoy lthis classic Disney film.


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