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NFL – 1987 – NFC Championship – Minnesota Vikings VS Washington Redskins – 1st Quarter


This 1987-88 NFC Championship game between the Washington Redskins verses Minnesota Vikings was played on January 17, 1988 at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in Washington, DC in front of a home crowd of 55,212 “screaming hogs in attendance”

CBS was broadcasting this game featuring their legendary lead crew of John Madden and Pat Summerall….who were without doubt in this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s mind….the best of the best….when it came to professional football….so, that makes this video worth the watch simply to hear Madden and Summerall once again.  

In a defensive battle, the Redskins played a little better by limiting the Vikings to only 76 rushing yards….while piling up 8 sacks among 7 different players….Dave Butz, Kurt Gouveia, Ravin Caldwell, Dexter Manley, Charles Mann, Alvin Walton, and Clarence Vaughn)….so, the string of playoff upsets by the Vikings (over New Orleans in the Wild Card…and the 49’ers in Divisional Playoffs….came to an end in a game that proved to be just as hard fought and intense as Washington’s 27–24 overtime victory over them in Week 15 of the regular season.    

Minnesota started off with a drive to the Redskins 35….but decided to punt rather than risk a long field goal….when Bucky Scribner’s 33-yard punt pinned the Redskins back at their own 2-yard line….but Redskin QB Doug Williams took his team on a 98-yard drive that included a 28-yard run by receiver Ricky Sanders on a reverse play….and ended with running back Kelvin Bryant’s 42-yard touchdown reception.  The Vikings went three and out on their next drive….and Scribner’s punt traveled just 19 yards to the Redskins 45-yard line….as Washington subsequently moved the ball to the Vikings 21….but came up empty when Ali Haji-Sheikh missed a 38-yard field goal. 

Since this video concludes with the end of the 1st Quarter….I won’t let the cat out of the bag….so you will watch the balance of the game when we get it posted….but this video is well worth watching….as CBS does a good pre-game show and introduction to the game….and this game was a really good game from start to finish….so, the 1st Qtr was great.

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