News – 1984 – KVUE Ch 24 Austin Newsbrief – Judy Maggio With New + Troy Kimmel Weather


KVUE Channel 24 Austin has been the ABC affiliate in Austin for many many years…..and newscaster icon and Austin legend, Judy Maggio, was a lead newscaster at KVUE, KEYE and KLRU news desks for just over 30 years….as she and weatherman Troy Kimmel….whose career also spanned the same 30+ years…..are both Austin icons and legends in the world of television news and weather. 

This 1984 KVUE NewsBrief took place during ABC Sports coverage of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic games….and features such local Austin stories as the grow of Lago Vista, an Austin Highland Lakes development along the shores of Lake Austin…..the Austin Transit Authority’s considerations of how to improve city bus access and area coverage….the city counsel’s discussions regarding an airport relocation or expansion….and a report from State Comptroller Bob Bulluck regarding the coming years’ budget….and finally a report about how the oil spill along the Galveston Coast and how it has affected tourist travel to the area.  The news is then followed by Troy Kimmel’s weather report….which doesn’t differ too much from the weather report for Austin in July / August of 2018.


  1. JPoor Judy Maggio was always the least talented and least attractive news anchor in Austin history.

    1. Don’t know about that….but, we do know she was on the air in Austin for long time (30 yrs +/-)….so she must have been well liked.

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