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Comedy – 1985 – Smothers Brothers Young Comedian Show – Featuring Maureen Murphy

Maureen Murphy, also known as Mauro Murphy, is an Australian comedian, actress, and celebrity who was popular in the United States during the 1980’s….when she appeared on HBO’s Young Comedians Show with the Smothers Brothers….as seen in this video herewith….as this performance was Mauro’s first live television appearance in the US.  Maureen Murphy also appeared on The Tonight Show and on Dom DeLuise’s television show on multiple occasions.   

After posting a significant number of videos featuring the routines of many stand-up comedians….we have come to the conclusion that “stand up comedy” is one of the most difficult disciplines to master….and even more so for a female….at least as far as televised stand-up comedy goes….cuz 70% of our content is of male comedians. 

Could it be that men are just funnier than women?!?  


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