1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics Men’s 15km Cross Country Skiing & Men’s 20km Biathlon


Many of the gold, silver and bronze medals that are competed for in the Winter Olympics…..are for disciplines that are not as well known as most Olympic competitions….at least, this is so in the US….and cross country skiing….along with the biathlon….are some of those events that indeed intensely competed for…even though they are not as popular.  The medals for the Men’s 15km Cross Country Competition were won as follows… Gold Thomas Wassberg of Sweden….Silver Juha Mieto of Finland and Ove Aunli of Norway won Bronze.  In the Men’s 20km Biathlon….Anatoly Aliyabyev of the Soviet Union took Gold…..Frank Ulrich of East Germany took Silver….and Eberhard Rosch of East Germany took home Bronze.   

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