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1981 Boxing WBC Super Featherweight Championship With Cornelius Boza Edwards VS Rolando Navarate


From this sportsphile’s perspective….in the universe of the hoopla in boxing,,,,which has been there since 1964….when The Greatest, Muhammad Ali….brought television to the sport of boxing…and the hoopla has only grown since that day…..anyway, in the hoopla of those who are extremely marketable television boxers….the great British boxers have been overlooked…..after all, this dog thinks the Irish alone have had more fights….than maybe any other countries boxers combined….cuz those lil red heads just love a good tussle….naw, they just like to fight. Cornelius Boza-Edwards was one of the great Brittish boxers….his skills were magnificent….and his toughness was undeniable….which is a good ole British trait in the ring.

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