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1982 Cotton Bowl Halftime With Alabama Band & Kilgore Rangerettes & UT Longhorn Band


Within the confines of any football stadium of America….there is a tradition of halftimes being filled with marching bands….dancing girls…..batons twirling high into the air….and drum lines with strong powerful beats….and this is what I give you today in the 1982 Cotton Bowl Classic Halftime Celebration….only it’s The University of Texas and Alabama University….and the Kilgore Rangerettes….for it doesn’t get any better than this baby.


  1. Thanks for finding and posting the 1982 Cotton Bowl halftime. I was in the University of Texas band at this time, and there’s a few videos out there but this one was really good. It’s been re-posted in an alumni band member’s Facebook page and getting lots of positive comments.

    Where did you find it?

    1. Howdy Jerry….thanks for your comment. Imasportsphile is a byproduct of being in the sports bar business for 18 years in Austin from the late 70’s to the early 90’s. During that time, we recorded over 2300 hrs of sports, comedy and music…which includes lots of UT sports…since I am a UT grad….so I am fairly certain that I have more footage of the UT band….however, it is going to take a while to find that footage…because it will be a part of a long 3 hour game telecast…and since we are limited to 15 min video posts right now…it will take a while to make more short trims of longer events….so be patient and stay tuned. I want to thank you for sharing with your fellow band members…as that is the purpose of Imasportsphile… just to share with the world.

  2. LE, I am trying to reach you to see if if you have a better version of this than what is posted on the site. Please reach out to me directly.
    thanks, amber

    1. Howdy Amber, this video was clipped from the CBS telecast of the 1982 Cotton Bowl Classic game between Alabama vs Texas….which was recorded live off CBS the day of the game….and for what it is worth….what CBS showed is what was recorded…..and the quality of the telecast and recording is the best that technology had to offer back in 1982….so, we are sorry to say that it is what it is….but it is better than nothing.

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