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1985 SportsWorld – Grand Sumo Wrestling Competition & Profile on Linda Fratianne & 4 x Man Bobsled World Championships


I have actually watched a significant amount of sumo wrestling with Bone Daddy….and we are both always amazed at how strong, agile and quick those big huge men can be….it is awesome to see these manicured athletes of Japan….and when it comes to figure skating….BD has always had crushes on Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamil and Katarina Witt….as this piece on Linda Fratianne….who was a 4 x US champion and Olympic silver medal….so, this gal was at the top of the food chain during her time on the ice….and then there’s the 4x man bobsled event….and these sled guys obviously love speed and curves….WOW….what a sport….and at the top when it comes to engineering design. 

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