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1985 SportsWorld – Grand Sumo Wrestling Competition & World Championship 4 Man Bob Sled Competition


In 1985, NBC Sportsword featured two major international sports events…..the Grand Sumo Tournament from Nagoya, Japan…..and the World 4-Man Bobsled Championship from Cervinia, Italy.

The Grand Sumo Tournament featured the NBC broadcasting crew of Gary Gerould and actor Pat Morita…..as this competition featured the best sumo wrestlers in the world in 1985 including Wakashimazu, Itai, Takanosato, Kitaoumi, Chiyonofuji, Konishiki and Takamijama….which was won by Wakashimazu with a record of 15 – 0….with Kitaoumi taking 2nd with a record of 11 – 4.

The 1985 FIBT World 4-Man Bobsled Championships took place in Cervinia, Italy for the third time….after having hosted the event previously in 1971 and 1975….as it would be the last time a championship would be hosted on a naturally refrigerated track with all other competitions taking place on artificially refrigerated ones.

This event was covered by the NBC broadcasting crew of Greg Lewis and Paul Lamey….in a event that was won by East Germany I with Bernhard Lehmann (driver), Matthias Trubner, Ingo Voge and Steffen Grummt….as the East German II team took silver with Detlef Richter (driving), Dietmar Jerke, Bodo Feri and Matthias Legler….and Switzerland I took the bronze with Silvio Giobellina (driving), Heinz Stettler, Urs Salzmann and Rico Freiermuth.

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