Boxing – Lightweight Bout – Rodolfo Gato Gonzalez VS Andy Ganigan

DOG ASIDE: This lightweight fight features the # 1 rated contender Gato Gonzalez from Mexico verses # 4 rated Andy Ganigan from Hawaii…and like nearly all lightweight fights that I have seen….it is an action fight from start to finish. Rodolfo González was a Mexican boxer and former WBC Lightweight Champion….also known as El Gato….who started his…

Boxing – NABF Lightweight Title – Pernell Whitaker VS Roger Mayweather

DOG COMMENTARY: This is a really good fight…..for I am a huge fan of both fighters knocking the other down with one punch… it is really rare when the referee takes a fully loaded left hook and doesn’t even blink an eye…..and how often have you seen one fighter pull-down the other boxer’s trunks…..not to…

Boxing – Lightweight Bout – Aaron Pryor VS Julio Valdez – Round 4


Angelo Dundee and Dick Stockton bring this 4th round of the scheduled 10 round lightweight boxing bout between Aaron “The Hawk” Pryor and Julio Valdez… The Hawk swoops down on Valdez in the this round and treats him like he is a field mouse openly exposed to the talons of The Howk.