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1951 World Series Highlites Of NY Yankees CF Mickey Mantle Blows-Out Knee On Willie Mays Pop-Up


Just a little food for thought question…How good would Micky Mantle have been if he had not blown-out his knee in the World Series against the New York Giants…and that was in his rookie season as a 19 year old kid. This injury was the catalyst for every other injury that The Mick had…and yet, even today, he still is talked about in baseball circles as an equal to DiMaggio, Mays, Aaron, Musial & Williams. Even after the worst injury of his career in his rookie season….Mantle was considered to be the fastest player for home to first in the majors.  Heck, around this lil ole Chiweenie household….Mantle is right there with The Babe. Who remembers the day The Mick went down for the 1st time?


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