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Peter Luescher is a former World Cup alpine ski racer from Switzerland….who was born in Romanshorn in the canton of Thurgau…..as he competed on the World Cup circuit from 1975 to 1985…..while winning six major races…..with one in downhilll….one in giant slalom….one in super-g….and 3 in combined….and he won the overall World Cup title in 1979. 

Giant slalom (GS) is an alpine skiing discipline….which involves skiing between sets of poles (gates) that are spaced at a greater distance from each other than in slalom….but less than in Super-G….as giant slalom and slalom make up the technical events in alpine ski racing. This category separates them from the speed events of Super-G and downhill. The technical events are normally composed of two runs…. which are held on different courses on the same ski run.

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