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Body Building – 1985 – I F B B Ms Olympia Championships – Featuring Gladys Portugues

The more time I spend posting women’s body building videos…..the more I realize how beautiful these female athletes really are…..so, take Gladys Portugues…..the subject of this video herewith…..she is a very attractive woman……as my bet is that both of her children are very attractive also…..since she has a well known male HUNK for a husband…..with actor / marshial arts master Jean-Claude van Damme…..that’s a pretty good bet. 

Anyway, as I write about these female body builders…..I stop for a minute to admire the beauty of the women…..and as I viewed the many photos of Gladys Portugues, in order to pick the one I chose…..I realize women who pump iron are not only very often very beautiful…..who have some obvious “muscular prowess”…..and the combination of the two elements mixed together makes these women really sexy too.

Obviously, I have come to really enjoy the sport women’s bodybuilding.

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