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Music – 1982 – Ray Charles – Just Because – Performed Live At Constitution Hall

Brother Ray, Oh Brother Ray…..your genius never ceases to move our emotions…..for you can deliver a ballad or a love song like nobody else….with those rough notes laced with soft gentle kindness…..it’s just because you’re near that the cold nights grow warmer….as Heaven’s not so far away….so, whisper in my ear….cuz gentle is the darkness when you keep your secrets here…..for then just dream on that all the world is an actor in your play….when you say dream on that all of this magnificence is yours and it will never slip away.  Just because you’re near….nothing seems to matter except for the softness of hair….cuz gentle is the darkness filled with your perfume. 

We at ImaSportsphile are so fortunate to have so many Ray Charles music videos in our vintage library…..for this man was such a gift to the world…..and each of his songs are just more pearls in our treasure chest of vintage memories.


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