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Music – 1979 – Manhattan Transfer – Operator Get Me Jesus On The Line – Performed Live In Concert

Every now and then, as I sit at my desk today….while hard at work posting more videos onto my site here at ImaSportsphile….and as is typical when posting, I have music playing while I am working….and today’s music actually moved me to write this copyy as a Happy Birthday note to me….as I turn 73 tomorrow. tomorrow. 

The music that moved my thoughts to words is an album titled Plains by pianist extraordinaire George Winston….for George was gifted a God-given talent to make his piano sound like nature….as every note is suffused with the natural elements of the place his composition is about….and in this case….the Plains….cuz I got to spend almost 2 decades on the Plains when I was young….during the formative years….so, this place is etched in my mind, soul and very being. 

I found myself thinking about growing up in West Texas….which is a significant part of what we call the Plains by any measure….with memories of my Mom and Dad when they were in their 20’s and 30’s….while having three sons 18 months apart….growing up on the Plains….in a place that would etch good solid values into their very core over time….with values that would never abandon them….and still haven’t as those three boys move solidly into their 70’s today….and although Pops and Granny Jean have gone on to Heaven….for just like the Plains….they will always be with us in the etched crevices of my mind and soul….so close that hearing George Winston “tickle the ivories“ and make them sound like I am back on the Plains….for it is truly God’s Country. 

Since this post was influenced by memories of days gone by….the truth be known….is that the song “Operator Get Jesus On The Line” performed by Manhattan Transfer on this video herewith…. happens to be the perfect intro to the Plains of West Texas….cuz if there was ever a place to get Jesus on the line…..it is certainly under West Texas skies on the Plains.   

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