Smothers Brothers Host Young Comedian – Richard Lewis


Richard Philip Lewis (born June 29, 1947) is an American comedian and actor….who began performing stand-up comedy in the 1970’s. He worked as a copywriter for an ad agency by day….while honing his stand-up act at night.  Lewis gained popularity in the 1980’s with numerous appearances on Late Night with David Letterman and his own television specials on HBO.  He starred with Jamie Lee Curtis in the ABC sitcom Anything but Love….which ran for four seasons. He co-starred with Don Rickles on the short-lived Daddy Dearest.  Lewis has written comic articles for magazines such as Playboy….and endorsed the popular early-1990’s beverage, Boku, as well as Snapple and Certs breath mints. In 2007 he made a cameo appearance as Phillip, the school counselor of Max’s school, in the T.V Series George Lopez.  Recently he also made cameos in Everybody Hates Chris as an old man in the hospital bed next to Chris Rock…..and as Charlie Sheen’s accountant in Two and a Half Men….but in today’s video….he is a young stand-up comedian.

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