Animation Movie – Animalympics – Part 3 – Soccer & Marathon & Snow Skiing & Bobsled


The animation movie “Animal Olympics” is simply wonderful…..and if you even think you might be a Sportsphile….then I know you love the Olympics….a place where the whole world….big areas and small areas….come together…in a mindset of respectful competition between national teams….which brings fans of the most fanatical nature….under one roof in peaceful harmony…..a place where when walking around an Olympic stadium during the opening and closing ceremonies….one hears many different languages and dialects being spoken….yet everyone was speaking the same language….sports.

It is this lil ole Chiweenie’s belief in the philosophy of sport….that dictates that all HUMANS of all different races and nationalities….who can’t in tongue speak the same language….but can live by the same standards….portraying the highest passion of competition to a HUMAN playing field…..with common respect for the rules and those who referee the rules….and fans who fanatically support theirs sports and their participants….and my belief is that this is a good philosophy to live by….the philosophy of sports.

 For these reasons and more….the 5-set video series of “Animal Olympics” worth the watch….as this section focuses on Zoo Network athletes like Rolf Shmecker in soccer. 

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