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Olympics – 1980 Moscow – USA Athletes Road To Moscow – USA Men’s Pentathlon Team


The USA Pentathlon trains at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonion, TX…..as this is the location of the US National Training Center for the modern pentathlon.  Ft. Sam as we Texans who live within range of its presence like to call it…..was chosen by the Dept. of Defense to be the Army’s training center for the style of required capabilities and skill sets that the modern needs….that meant that Ft. Sam became the national training center for all athletes aspiring to learn to excel in the five (5) disciplines of the pentathlon….shooting, fencing, riding, swimming & running….as pentathletes have been preparing in San Antonio for 60+ years.

This video takes an indepth look at the modern pentathlon….as seen through the eyes of preparation by Neale Gonesk (sp?….sorry Neil)….who was a 1980 Olympic Modern Pentathlon hopeful whose Olympic dreams were robbed by the President of the United States Jimmy Carter.  This dedicated athlete really taught me a great deal about what it took in personal time and dedication it took because of it requiring mastery of 5 totally different sports….shooting, fencing, riding, swimming and running….and worth the watch.

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