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Boxing – Heavyweight Champions – Muhammad Ali – Pre Fight Rant On Big George Foreman


This is another of Ali’s pre-fight banter…..for he was already working on the indestructible George Foreman long before the Rumble in the Jungle in Zaire, Africa…..and if you listen to what he’s telling Big George….who also holds a hallowed spot as one of this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphiles legendary heavyweight boxers during the golden age of boxing from 1964 to 1995….Ali is telling him how he is going to beat the big heavy-punching hard-hitting Foreman…..cuz it seems to me like he says that if Big George wants to come in and throw heavy lumber…..then let’s see how long he can keep that up…..and when he can’t anymore….that’s when this “rope-a-dope” is going to come alive.


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