Imasportsphile.com is a virtual sports museum encapsulating a vast amount of content covering historic sporting events of incredible athletic achievement, over 200 live comedy concerts featuring legendary comedians, and 300 live music concerts from great artists in all genres of music. This web page and all of its content is the result of my recent inheritance stemming from the 115 years that I have spent with my all time favorite HUMAN…my very own Bone Daddy…the original Sportsphile in my life. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Howdy all ya’ll….that’s plural for ya’ll in Texas where I come from. My name is L E….and I am a dog of the Chiweenie kind….that’s half Chihuahua and half Weiner dog…..now you talk about an interesting mix….the heat of the Latin blood mixed in equal portions with the calculative of the Arian race…creates a dog who…outside of those HUMANS that I love……is called La Diabla by most other HUMANS that I know…. cuz they perceive me as one seriously devilish bitch with attitude….whose daily moniker for all unsuspecting HUMANS who cross my path is….””I’ll bite um” but that’s a story for another day.

The first thing that you need to understand before you go any further into this site is that I am a Sportsphile…..visa vie the web address ImaSportsphile.com. I made up the word Sportsphile simply from having lived with one for 115 years. A Sportsphile is a person (HUMANS and dogs included) who loves…lives…eats…breathes…and probably dreams about sports…all the time.

This web page and all of its content is the result of my recent inheritance stemming from the 115 years that I have spent with my all time favorite HUMAN…my very own Bone Daddy…the original Sportsphile in my life. Bone Daddy was my very own special gift from God Dog on the day I was born…..cuz all I can say is “I just love that man”. The reason for this entire endeavor is because it was Bone Daddy’s last wish (he’s not dead…it was just his last wish expressed directly to me) that I be the SHOWDOG and STORY TELLER for this site. Having the responsibility of figuring out a way to share his entire sports memorabilia collection consisting of 17,000+ individual pieces and a 2,300 hour video library with anyone who might have an interest in viewing all or part of it. Keep in mind that the majority of pictures featured within these pages are of actual pieces of memorabilia in Bone Daddy’s collection.

I decided that as a result of having this vast amount of content that I would introduce ISEN (ImaSportsphile Sports & Entertainment Network) to the virtual world of potential Sportsphiles throughout the world. The vast amount and array of content contains historic sporting events containing incredible athletic achievement, over 200 live comedy concerts and programs of many all time funny comedians delivering their best punch lines with their funniest material and top that off with 300 live music concerts from great artists in all genres of music.

As Bone Daddy so aptly says, “There are only three places in all human endeavors where the playing field is virtually level for every individual in the human race who participates…MUSIC, COMEDY and SPORTS….for within these worlds…it doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, skinny, wide, pale, dark, educated, illiterate or what….cuz funny is funny…good music is good music…and great sports are great sports.” Every visitor to ISEN will want to make regular stops at my Comedy and Music Sections…especially when a good laugh is needed to lift ones spirits or when great music is needed to soothe ones soul…cuz God Dog (same a God to HUMANS) knows…all HUMANS need to laugh more and/or have their souls soothed and enriched. By the way, did you know that music not only soothes HUMAN souls…but also the souls of all us dogs.

DOG ASIDE: From my perspective after observing HUMANS for all my 115 years on this Earth…there is nothing that moves HUMAN emotions in more directions than music…while there is nothing that heals the heart, the head and the soul of all HUMANS like a good ole belly laugh…and there is nothing that provides the best of all human emotions and endeavors like sports competition. Within the universes of MUSIC, COMEDY and SPORTS is a place where all participants have to follow the same rules of the game…..from the fans to the athletes with all the trainers, managers, coaches, nutritionists, therapists, doctors, judges, referees, team owners and so on in between.

I hope that the cornucopia of stories stemming from pieces of memories that were picked up by Bone Daddy in places he visited all over the world while compiling this collection….in hopes that the content will stimulate similar memories in my visitors to the site. Bone Daddy was such a unique HUMAN that I made up Sportsphile to describe him. He has passionately loved, lived and breathed sports his entire life…..and since he likes the way I write…..he has asked me to write about his experiences and events he has attended over the past six (6) decades…using my own style and words like Sportsphile. He asked me to tell as many of the stories that surrounded the times, places and events that he had attended while giving a good understanding of what it took just to acquire the vast amount of content present at ISEN. Dang folks….it took him over 60 years to compile it all…so I have literally 1000’s of stories to tell…and God Dog knows…I’ve heard them all more than once.

This is my gift to Bone Daddy and the world….as I will continue to post new stories, pictures and videos until I have no more to share. I strongly suggest that you read my Dog Philosophy and Dog Commentary pieces when they appear…cuz even though I am small in stature…I am “un grandote” in food for thought for all you HUMANS. Also, I intend on finding out if there are any more Sportsphiles out there…even though I know the answer to that question…and when another Sportsphile shows up along with all additional ones that follow…I will happily post their pictures of their collection and their stories if they can convince me that they are a Sportsphile too…cuz I am really interested in any and all the stories surrounding your love of sports.….for who knows….you just might be able to say…..Ima Sportsphile too!!!!



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