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ACL Live – John Prine Mullenberg County & Steve Goodman My Old Man & Willie Nelson Night Life


Austin City Limits has always loved storytellers and there have been none better than John Prine, Steve Goodman and Willie Nelson….represented on this video of The Best of ACL.  Prine could make you feel like you’ve been read too out of a book when he spins a yard in his songs and on his guitar. Prine was always a popular draw around Austin…no matter where he played. In this video Prine gives you an understanding of how often development and concrete has replaced nature’s beautiful places known as Mullenberg County. Steve Goodman’s song My Old Man tells the story of so many boys who became men and never got to know their fathers very well…for when Bone Daddy listens to the song….it always touches him deeply…..and I always see a tear in the corners of his eyes. Willie Nelson has always been a storyteller of the highest order….and Night Life tells his story like no other song.

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