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Advertisement – 1983 – Nissan With Austin Original Cliff Haby & The Yellow Rose Club & KTVV Ch 36


It has been mentioned several times lately….that after having now posted 1800 vintage videos here at Ima Sportsphile….we have come to the conclusion that the many various advertisements from all kinds of companies and corporations that were also recorded on Bone Daddy’s videos….have a great deal of interest and attractions to them. 

We have received pretty darn many comments….certainly more than we had expected….that show us that folks are really enjoying seeing these vintage television advertisements….so, we are starting our TV Ads section with an Ima Sportsphile tribue to one of Bone Daddy’s good friend and sporting events travelling companion….a true “born and bred Texan”….who like many from the great State of Texas….is a “jack of all trades, and a master of none”….who goes by the name of Cliff Haby….as Bone Daddy’s amigo does a good job of selling cars for the local Austin Nissan dealership. 

As for this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile….I kinda like The Yellow Rose, Texas” advertisement….for not only was it the # 1 liquor sales nightclub in Austin in the 1980’s….it still is today in 2017.

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