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Alpine Skiing – 1978 – World Cup Championships – Mens Downhill – ITA Giuliano Giardini – From Aspen

In the 1978 Men’s Downhill World Cup, the winner was decided by the best 5 results count…..as four racers had a point deduction, which are given in brackets…..and for the very first time there was a shared win during the World Cup season….when Josef Walcher and Sepp Ferstl tied in the second race at Kitzbühel. 

During this Aspen, Colorado stop on the 1978 Alpine Skiing World Cup circuit…..Austria’s Petre Wirnsberger won the men’s downhill….with Switzerland’s Peter Mueller grabbing 2nd….and Canada’s Dave Murray captured 3rd…..as Italy’s Giuliano Giardini didn’t place….as a result of not finishing due to a pretty good fall…..but he did go on to compete in the 1980 Lake Placid Olympic Games for Italy.

In the grand scheme of things for the 1978 Alpine Skiing World Cup Championships…..Austria’s Franz Klammer won his fourth Downhill World Cup in a row….which is a record that is still unbeaten.

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