Animation – 1948 – Cartoon Special – Bugs Bunny In A Feather In His Hare

A Feather in His Hare is a 1946 produced Warner Brothers Looney Tunes animated short….which was  directed by Chuck Jones…..and was originally released on February 7, 1948…..as the title is yet another pun on “hair”…..which Bugs was famous for…..as this was the first Bugs Bunny cartoon directed by Chuck Jones that featured Robert McKimson’s design of Bugs….instead of the version Jones used from Super-Rabbit to Hair-Raising Hare….which was a shorter and slightly differed version of the character.

The plot is a twist on the usual Elmer-chasing-Bugs cartoon….with the Bug’s pursuer being a dopey Native American…..whereby the Indian’s body shape, along with the glasses he wears, suggest that he is meant to be a parody of Ed Wynn….although the voice does not match.  Most of the episode is spent with Bugs getting vengeance by “thinking up some more deviltry for that Apache.” At the climactic moment, Bugs, looking at the camera, says “Imagine this guy! Just who does he think he is to be chasin’ me?”….and the Indian answers, holding Bugs at arrow-point, “Me? Me last Mohican!”….to which Bugs replies “Last of the Mohicans eh?  Well, look, Geronimo, cast your eyes skywards.”….and while looking up, he sees several storks carrying infant versions of the goofy Indian, and passes out….when Bugs, laughing hysterically….and cast his own eyes skyward, and sees hundreds of storks carrying infant bunnies, who shout, in unison, “Eh, what’s up, Pop?” Bugs then passes out, falling on top of the unconscious Indian.

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