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Animation – 1986 – NBC Sports Super Bowl XX Bears Vs Patriots Special Pause For Intermission

In all my years of being a Sportsphile, I do not believe I have ever seen an intermission in a major broadcast of a sporting event….that is until NBC Sports…..while covering Super Bowl XX between the Chicago Bears vs. New England Pats…..and then, there it was….an intermission…..and not just any ole intermission….but rather an animated one…..which was designed to direct the viewers to a “Snack Bar” to get some snacks to eat during the game…..and guess what?…..we have that intermission as seen in the video herewith…..for we are lent on guessing that you may never see another intermission in a major sporting event again…..so, once again, ImaSportsphile provides our viewers with another piece of rare footage in our treasure chest of vintage memories.

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