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Animation Movie – Animalympics – Part 5 – Boxing & Volleyball & Weightlifting & Fencing


Some events of Animalympics are only referenced….rather than being covered. In the song “We’ve Made It to the Top”….various events are shown that are otherwise not covered like Hammer Throw, Shotput, Javelin, Cycling, Relay Racing and Discus……and probably the best part of it all is that four folks created all the voices and manerisms of the athletes as follows:

Gilda Radner as Barbra Warblers / Brenda Springer / Cora Lee Perrier / Tatyana Tushenko / Dorrie Turnell / The Contessa

Billy Crystal as Rugs Turkell / Joey Gongolong / Art Antica  

Harry Shearer as Keen Hacksaw / Mayor of Animal Olympic Island / Burnt Woody / Mark Spritz

Michael Fremer as Henry Hummel / René Fromage / Kit Mambo / Bolt Jenkins / Kurt Wuffner / Dean Wilson / Mele / Count Maurice Boar-Deaux / Jackie Fuelit / Bear McLane / Gui Lafluke / Bjorn Freeborg / Mamo Ululu

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