The Dallas Cowboys Pro Football’s Glamour Team Of The 1960s


They are the Dallas Cowboys….a free wheeling All American star-kissed team…..motivated and disciplined by the genius of a Coach named Landry….as they are Pro Football’s glamour team of the decade of the 1960’s….dynamic, progressive and spectacular.  Consistency is a Cowboy trademark….under scored by 16 straight winning seasons….11 division titles….and 2 world championships.


Bone Daddy’s New York Yankees Baseball Card Collection -1956

  DOG ASIDE: I wrote and posted a story about the 1956 New York Yankees being Bone Daddy’s favorite Yankee team ever…..and this post is just an extension of that story. In 1956, Bone Daddy’s favorite all time Yankees “The Mick” Mickey Mantle had a breakout season….after showing progressive improvement each of his first five…

Bone Daddy’s 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Games Official Olympic Sport T-shirt Collection


Every Official Olympic Sport T-shirt shown in this collection was purchased by Bone Daddy at a live event at each Olympic Sport Venue as depicted on each t-shirt  at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games. 



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Bone Daddy’s 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games Non-Event Souvenir T-shirts Collection

DOG ASIDE: In the summer of 1984…..Bone Daddy, Prince of Pleasure and Sky Pilot headed west for the Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games….and little did they know that what would happen to their communal psyche after watching their 1st Olympic competition…..sending them spiraling into a mission from God. During their 13 days at the L…

April 27, 1967 Muhammad Ali Rejects Military Induction And Has His Heavyweight Title Taken Away

DOG ASIDE: Muhammad Ali refused induction into the US Military on April 27, 1967….eventually going to court and being sentenced to 3 years in jail. During the time of his incarceration and exile from boxing….The Greatest never said a harsh word or anything negative about those US officials who put him there. It was at…

Muhammad Ali On George Foreman Before Their Fight In Zaire On October 30, 1974

DOG ASIDE: The Heavyweight Championship Title Fight on October 30, 1974 between Champ George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali…..was billed as “The Rumble in the Jungle”…but became “The Hope of the Rope A Dope”… Ali laid back against the ropes for the first 6 rounds letting Foreman hit him with big bombs that did nothing but…

Hilights Of 1985 WBA Welterweight Title Fight With Champ Donald Curry VS Colin Jones

DOG ASIDE: After the heyday of boxing’s welterweight division reigns of Champions Wilfred Benitez, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns and Roberto Duran from 1977 to 1984 ended…..came along two pretty darn good fighters in their own right…..Donald “The Cobra” Curry and Milton McCrory. This video shows Curry in his battle against England’s Colin Jones in…