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Auto Racing – 1986 – Indy 500 – ABC Special – Drivers Start Your Engines – As The Race Begins

There may be no greater sound to auto racing fans all over the world than when they hear “Gentlemen, start your engines.”….as Chairman of the Board of the Indianapolis Speedway Mary Holman does in this video herewith….cuz at this point, auto racing enthusiasts everywhere know that The Indianapolis 500 is about to start…..for it is at this very moment that The Indianapolis Speedway comes alive…..as the simple directive to the drivers to start the race signifies that there is about to be “a sound and energy like no other”…..as 33+/- high powered speed machines begin to roar and whine as they prepare to follow the pace car and circle the track before the flag is dropped to start the race…..and this video is evidence of that fact….when Rick Mears, Danny Sullivan and Michael Andretti on Row 1 lead the others when the flag drops.

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