Auto Racing – 1987 – Indy 500 – Al Trautwig In Pits With Tony Bettenhausen Crew On Intercom Issues

Tony Bettenhausen Jr. (October 30, 1951 – February 14, 2000) was a Champ Car team owner and driver…. who died in a 2000 plane crash…..and was the son of former 14-time Indianapolis 500 competitor Tony Bettenhausen….as well as the brother of 21-time Indy racer Gary Bettenhausen. The family holds the dubious distinction of the most combined starts in the famous race without a victory…..while another brother, Merle Bettenhausen, was maimed in his only Indy Car start. 

In this video herewith…..Al Trautwig interviews Tony Bettenhausen Jr.’s crew chief regarding their issue of having their driver to pit crew intercom system going blank….and the crew having to resort to using hand held signs to communicate with each other….just like back in the old days before high-tech got into the helmets of Indy drivers.

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