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Auto Racing – 1987 – Indy 500 – Al Trautwig Special Look At Japan + Brazil Live Broadcast Centers

The Indianapolis 500 is an international event…..wherein the 1987 Indy 500 alone had 8 out of 33 total drivers in the field were international….including drivers from Colombia, Holland, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Brazil and New Zealand….with auto racing fans from all over the world….as the wide range of international influence and fans is evidenced by the ABC video special seen in this video herewith….as Al Trautwig takes us behind the scene for a “bird’s eye view” inside the Japanese and Brazilian broadcast trucks…and for more proof of the international popularity that the Indy 500 brings….just pat attention while watching this video….and observe how many other “broadcast centers” there are parked alongside the Japanese and Brazilians….for this 1987 Indy 500 was being broadcast all over the world.

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