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Auto Racing – 1987 – Indy 500 Special – Arch Bishop Edward T Omeara Provides The PreRace Invocation


Due to the longevity of the Indianapolis 500….numerous traditions surrounding the race have developed over the years. Traditions include procedures for the running of the race, scheduling, and pre-race and post-race festivities. For many fans, these traditions are an important aspect of the race….and they have often reacted quite negatively when the traditions are changed or broken.  As part of the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the pre-race ceremonies of the Indianapolis 500 feature several patriotic songs…. along with the invocation prayer provided by some dignitary of the clergy….like Arch Bishop Edward T. Omeara….seen in this video herewith….plus like most other sporting events….the national anthem is performed before the race by a notable vocalist. The most noteworthy and most popular traditions are the annual singing of “Back Home Again in Indiana” and the victory lane bottle of milk.

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