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Auto Racing – 1987 – Indy 500 Special – Miller $50000 Pit Stop Competition For The Top Drivers Crews

The Miller Pit Stop Challenge is a pit stop contest held during activities leading up to the Indianapolis 500…..which has been held since 1977….with the event being held on Carb Day….which follows the final practice session….when as many as 12 top teams in the field compete in a single-elimination, tournament-style competition….with two teams at a time.

The current rules format is that during each heat….two cars line up side-by-side in a specially constructed pit lane….and the cars go from a standing start and race into the pit box….when pit crews must change four tires and hook up a dummy fuel hose to simulate a refuel….and the driver races out of the pit box to cross a finish line a couple hundred feet down the lane…..while the time is taken from the drop of the green flag to the crossing of the finish line. Time penalties are assessed for infractions such as unsecured lug nuts….jumping the start….and pit box violations. Since 2017, the final round has been a best-of-three style.

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