Comedy & Football – Special – Original M*A*S*H Football Game


Every time that I watch this video…..I just laugh and laugh and laugh….cuz funny is funny….and it never grows old….for here is a clip from the legendary film “M*A*S*H…..in which the M*A*S*H unit forms a football team to play General Hammond’s team….who had won the Army championship the year before.

This clip starts with the arrival of Dr. Oliver “Spearchucker” Jones…..a former All-American collegiate running back….who had just recently joined the M*A*S*H unit as a new surgeon…..with the opening speech from Lt. Colonel Henry Blake (M*A*S*H commanding officer) in welcoming the incoming Dr. Jone to the unit’s football team consisting of Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper John McIntyre, Painless Waldowski and Duke Forrest.

From the time the M*A*S*H team begins it preparation for the big game….to the final play of the eventual game played…..is an absoulte “hoot and a holler”…..guaranteed to make you laugh out -loud and long and hard….for it is a masterpiece of comedy and humor that merits any rerun anytime……so, enjoy.

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