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Basketball – 1982 – FIBA 9th World Championships – USA Vs USSR – 2nd Half


This video is one of those rare treats for a true basketball fan….as the 9th Annual World Amateur Basketball Championships came down to this 2nd Half performance between Team USSR verses Team USA….which took place in Cali, Columbia in 1982….turned out to be a great game….right down to the very last shot….as the “tall team from Russia”….as we think the Soviets had 4 of their top 6 players that were 7 footers….cuz they just dwarfed the Americans….but USA’s Jon Sunvold, Jimmie Thomas, Antoine Carr, Mitchel Wiggins, Jeff Turner, John Penone, Earl Jones and Doc Rivers just gutted it out and kept it close enough that they had “clear air” for the last shot by Jimmie Thomas from the left corner. 

The coach of Team USA, Bob Weltlich is not one of Bone Daddy’s favorite coach….who replaced a legendary coach in Abe Lemons at the University of Texas in Austin….and became known around the 40 Acres in Austin as Kaiser Bob….for his tenure at UT….but in this tournament final….he did coach his team to a shot that had it gone in….would have spell win and gold for the Kaiser. 

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