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Basketball – 1985 – Special – Charles + Mike Glenn Coach Basketball At Georgia St School For Deaf


It seems to us at ImaSportsphile that CBS Sports has covered men’s NCAA basketball forever….when actually College Basketball on CBS….which is usually referred to on-air as the Road to the Final Four….is the branding used for broadcasts of men’s NCAA Division I basketball games that are produced by CBS Sports, the sports division of the CBS television network in the United States.

From 1982 to 2015….CBS Sports obtained broadcast television rights to the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship from NBC….who had been airing the game since 1969….then beginning in the 2016 season….Turner Broadcast Systems (TBS) will hold the rights to broadcasting the NCAA Division I Championship in men’s basketball in even-numbered years….while CBS will continue to air the game this time in odd-numbered years.

In addition, CBS currently holds broadcasting rights to conference regular season and tournament games, including the American Athletic Conference (AAC)….Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)….Big 12 Conference….Big East Conference….Big Ten Conference and Southeastern Conference (SEC).

In all of these basketball games covered by CBS Sports….the halftime show typically has a wonderful profile of various participants in the world of college basketball….which are really good pieces….and this video clip seen herewith is a perfect example of the quality of production they put together….as they cover basketball played at the Georgia State School for the Deaf taught by long-time coach Charles Glenn and son, NBA star Mike Glenn….for we love these pieces like this halftime special profile of the game that is enjoyed by so many….in so many walks of life.


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