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Body Building – 1978 – US Womens Championships – Marjo Selin

Marjo Selin is a former professional body building competitors……who has won numerous titles including the National Championship in her native Finland and the European Championship…..while also winning  the bronze medal at the Women’s Pro World Championship in Nice, France….while competing in 8 consecutive Ms. Olympia contests from 1981 to 1989…..and placing in the Top Six Finalists in 1987 and 1988. 

The comment by NBC’s Dick Enberg that Marjo seemed to “need more definition” might have been Enberg’s “left-handed face slap” at the competitors that were using steroids…..for 1978 was part of the sports steroid generation…..albeit closer to the start of that generation…..cuz athletes were definitely using steroids in 1978. 

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